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Building Static and Dynamic Analyses Using Lastline's Process Snapshotting

Posted by Arunpreet Singh on 9/16/16 12:57 PM

Learn how Lastline’s process snapshotting supports malware analysis by capturing snapshots at various points throughout a malware program’s execution, allowing for deeper manual malware analysis by security researchers.

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Topics: Lastline Enterprise, Email Security, Process Snapshotting, Advanced Persistent Threats, Data Breach, malware, lastline, anti malware, deep manual analysis, static analysis, web security, dynamic analysis, malware protection

Unmasking Kernel Exploits

Posted by Roman Vasilenko on 7/7/15 9:00 AM

A large set of publicly disclosed Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and nation state attacks use sophisticated malware (e.g Turla, Duqu, Equation Group, Duqu2, etc.) that make use of at least one component running hidden inside the kernel of the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS). There, malware remains hidden from security solutions, and can abuse the highest privileges available on a computer system to achieve the attacker’s evil objectives.

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Topics: Full-system Emulation, Kernel exploits, Advanced Persistent Threats, kernel-mode analysis

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